Deleting a Locked List Using PowerShell – SharePoint 2010

I recently inherited a SharePoint 2010 Farm and decided it needed a little “Fall Cleaning”. The farm previously had a dual purpose – both a Development and Test environment. It was now becoming a Development only environment and the Site Collection had a lot of erroneous lists, libraries, and content which was no longer needed. […]

SharePoint Community

You + SharePoint Community = Win (A Guide to Community Involvement from My Viewpoint)

You want to be involved in the SharePoint community, eh? Whether you are a seasoned expert or a newb, starting out in the community can seem a bit overwhelming. I feel you. I was in your position not that long ago when I moved to the DC area and I had no idea what I […]


SharePoint Saturday Philadelphia

Hi there and welcome to another SharePoint Saturday! Today we are in Philadelphia and man is it chilly! Let’s get started… I missed the first session of the day. The hotel bed was just wayyyy too comfy. The first session I attended was with Thomas Daly (@_tdaly_) discussing branding by dissecting customized SharePoint sites. If […]


Microsoft Offers Free SharePoint Server 2010 Training Videos

As I’m learning SharePoint, I come across sites like this that make me one happy n3wb! Free learning resources are a great way to soak up as much information as possible. Check out an array of SharePoint 2010 videos on TechNet: http://bit.ly/AlLlXA


Confused about CSS Specificity? Standardista.com makes it all clear with SpeciFISHity!

I don’t use CSS very often in the work I’m doing right now and sometimes it can get confusing! Head over to Standardista for a very clever graphic using fishies (as I like to call them) and helpful explanation. Here’s the link for those of you who didn’t realize “Standardista” was hyper-linked above: http://www.standardista.com/css3/css-specificity/


SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach #SPSVB

This past Saturday I attended a SharePoint Saturday in Virginia Beach, VA (#SPSVB). The event was full of informative sessions led by knowledgeable and, for the most part, entertaining speakers. The SharePint afterwards was as expected; I made new connections while cultivating current ones. Overall the event was a great success from my point of view. The […]